5 Factors to Weigh when Buying a Yoga Mat:

The best Yoga Mats

1. Yoga Mat Size

The classic yoga mat is about 68 inches x 24 inches or 5’8″ x 2′ which is a fairly small size. The longer yoga mats measure between 6 and 7 feet long. The wider yoga mats range around 3 feet.

2. Mat Thickness

Thick yoga mats are on average 1/4 of an inch thick providing a lot of extra cushion for contact points. But you can get yoga mats as thin as 1/16 inch thick. The thinner ones are generally great for your budget and much more convenient to take with you while on the go.

3. Primary Use

The style of yoga you perform will factor in on the mat you choose to purchase.  For example if you practice Bikram you will want a yoga mat that provides the right amount of traction and how well you adhere to the mat will depend on such factors as texture and stickiness of your material choice. You will also want to take sweat into account and find a mat that breathes well and provides durational support for your yoga poses.

4. What Is It Made With

The most common material is PVC, however there are great ecological choices such as cotton, natural rubber, and other natural fibers.

5. Price Range

While the top brand mats can range up to $150, if you go online, you can find quality thick yoga mats for $25 – $50.