Leading Edge Pilates & Yoga Equipment

There are a variety of Pilates home gym machines on the market.  None of them compare to the P.Y.G. (Pilates Yoga Gym) even the Supreme Pilates Machine (also developed by Ellen Croft) pales by comparison.  The P.Y.G. has advantages above and beyond all of them. The first is it’s portability. This machine converts into a small tote size bag for transport so you can easily take it with you while traveling. The second notably, is it’s versatility. This machine not only serves as a Pilates machine but it also assists you with your yoga routine, and provides a great gym experience for building muscle.

You will not encounter another home gym that weighs only a few pounds and converts itself into a small tote while not in use. Imagine eliminating your home gym in favor of say a home theater, that is what this machine allows you to do.  You can also take it with you and use it in any location that has a door or a fence.  You cannot go wrong with a machine this versatile and effective. Other machines, such as those for Pilates take up at least 9 square feet of space and are hardly transportable by airplane. This one is. Gym equipment sufficient to provide a full body workout usually requires a dedicated room. The P.Y.G. only requires a door.  It folds up into a bag smaller than the average purse. You cannot go wrong with the P.Y.G.

The Pilates Yoga Gym
pilates yoga gym by ellen croft