Pilates & Yoga for increased creativity

yoga and pilates for creativity

Practicing yoga can rebuild your brain for innovative thinking

It is a well known fact that yoga and Pilates promots wellbeing, but a great side benefit of this is that it dramatically supports and broadens creativity and expression.

Practicing Pilates and or Yoga, while bringing balance to your body, mind and soul, also leads to artistic expression in a person. Certainly when you’re used to twisting your body into interesting shapes, it has an effect on your brain and your sense of yourself.

The combination of belief in yourself at the achievements you will obtain and the ease in which you do so, can lead to a leap in consciousness for you. Feelings of being unstoppable, superhuman, and brave are not uncommon after your achievements. After regular practice and months of solid preparation, you will understood the creative process and your practice builds success.

Stretching  Creative Expression

The more you practice, the better you get, but also the more you experiment, trust and creatively exit your comfort zone, the better the result will be for you. You gain a wave of creative energy as you reach your limits and transit into the unknown world where your own genius comes into fruition.

With the concentration spent on movement the minds consciousness becomes expanded and, insights are elevated.

Posturing to Mindfulness

The practice of mindfulness shared among Buddhist experts, is increasingly shown to greatly reduce stress, increase happiness and promote innovative thinking, as well as the thought processes that generate and explore creative ideas. The conscious synchronisation of breath and movement in both Pilates and Yoga brings clarity.

Creativity occurs in that moment.