Inventamotion & The P.Y.G.

Founded by the inventor of the Supreme Pilates system, Ellen Croft, Inventamotion was created to bring total body fitness to the world.  While others are at work creating fitness machines that take up too much space, and are often costly, Inventamotion was determined to bring gym-quality results that can be taken with you anywhere and setup on any door. As it turns out, people really liked that idea. No gym membership, and no judgment. Just you, our easy online videos, and a door are all that you need to guarantee your best you.

Our products, most recently being the PYG, will work for you. Like you, we all have varying fitness levels. This is why we make our products to be as simple to setup and use as humanly possible.  The PYG focuses on creating the grace and core of a Pilates’ body, the flexibility and inner tranquility of a Yogi, and the power and muscle of a ripped Gym jock.  It is literally 3 fitness systems in one easy to carry little bag.

About Inventamotion