What is the P.Y.G. & How it works.

The P.Y.G. or Pilates Yoga Gym is a SOLUTION to all of your fitness, flexibility, strength & posture problems.  It is designed by Ellen Croft, the creator of Supreme Pilates and celebrity fitness trainer.  With a longstanding background in sports kinesiology, Ellen designed this machine to be easy to setup, easy to use, and very apt at producing results.

The machine is designed to provide you the experience of 3 different types of exercise, Pilates, Yoga, & Gym.  This means you can use it to perform your yoga routine, your pilates routine, or if you prefer to just build a gym body it will work great for that as well.  The P.Y.G. is easy to setup in less than a minute anywhere with a door.  It is even easier to carry around with you, providing you the ability to work out just about anywhere.

The machine simply straps across the vertical length of any door and conveniently attaches with the specially designed clasps on the opposite side of the door. Once attached simply close the door making sure it is latched. You are now ready to begin building strength, increasing flexibility and building muscle. Ellen has created a fitness regimen for you or you can use your imagination and come up with your own routine.  It is that EASY!

Pilates Yoga Gym

When you are done with your routine simply detach it from the door and fold it back into it’s center, which also serves as the convenient carrying bag.